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As a company who started on GoDaddy with smaller websites and grew our business, here’s what we found with GoDaddy.


They’re cheap at first glance. If you don’t need SSL, domain registration, or any additional services you can get a super cheap server and relatively cheap domain registration.


1. They overpopulate their shared servers. Imagine a bus…GoDaddy has 50 seats on a bus but continues to pack people in, then has people latch on to the outside of the bus, sit on the hood, and jump into the trunk. How do they make sure your site doesn’t slow down because you’re sharing this space? They throttle your i/o and memory usage, which results in excessive 503 errors if your site is more than 250mb total.

2. They don’t have location based support. I’m not a “speak the language!” type of person, but if my website is down and I have the phone ringing off the hook, spending 25 minutes just to get to the point that they know who I am (god forbid you get transferred) only to be met with choppy English and “It’s your problem, not ours” is pretty shotty “support”.

3. Nickles and Dimes GoDaddy is good at making their prices appear cheap, but it’s essentially the Comcast model. “We’ll give it away to you almost FREE!” ….but we’ll also set you up with renewable products (you didn’t know we added), increase your prices after the first year, and nickle and dime every aspect of your website possible to make sure you pay the same as you would without all the hassle at another host who is upfront about the fact that running a website isn’t cheap – unless you really don’t care about performance or security.

4. Managed WordPress is a joke. The only purpose of MWP is to make sure you’re not using plugins that might slow down the bus, or make it obvious that 100 people are packed into a 50 seat bus.

5. They lie – as a part of their service. I can’t OVERSTATE THIS ENOUGH. Their support team is going to lie to you. One agent will tell you to do something that another will negate. One support agent will tell you there’s issues that will resolve after maintenance, while another will be like “What maintenance?!”

6. Their “support” refuses to allow screenshots or quick ways to share the issue you’re experiencing. “Send us an email! We refuse to see your readily availale screenshot that EVERY OTHER HOST accepts” as if time is not of the essence when your site is down and clients are ringing your phone off the hook.

7. They do not keep records of any conversation. You will repeat yourself from one agent to another, from one transfer to another. This can become incredibly frustrating when you’re dealing with an issue that’s been persistent or over a few days/weeks.

8. If you’re unhappy with any product or service, there are no refunds, only “store credit”.

9. Sales, sales, sales….you’re going to get sold to with the “Is it okay if we look over your account and find things we can sell you while we act as if your issue is really important to us?” Yes. The #1 goal for GoDaddy agents, customer service and tech support, is to sell you and upgrade you.

10. If you have an issue that needs to be escalated…it will take you 20+ minutes for them to reach a supervisor or team lead who can make themselves “available”, and by the time you’ve been escalated, that member will make sure to respond to your chat messages only once every 5 to 10 minutes. No joke…I’ve had to escalate 3x now, and every time I’m treated like that “problem customer” who they’re hoping just gives up and disconnects.

Truly, honestly, and from the bottom of my developer heart – Friends don’t let friends GoDaddy.

If you want a good host that’s as cheap as GoDaddy, you go Bluehost.
If you want a host that can handle bigger websites that requires professional products and competent agents that know what the hell is going on, you go WPEngine or Siteground.

I’m a partner of WPEngine because their service and platform is STELLAR. I also use Bluehost (very good customer service) for my smaller sites.

GoDaddy (was) good for domain registration…but they still insist you buy “privacy” or they (swear they don’t!) alert their network to spam your email for additional services.

Best of luck my friends! If you need a site migrated off this clown…bus – we got you.

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